Nilüfer Koç

‘Turkey’s road to the EU goes through Diyarbakır’

by Nilüfer Koç In 1999, the last year of his third and final term as Prime Minister of Turkey, Mesut Yılmaz declared: “Turkey’s road to the European Union (EU) goes through Diyarbakır (Amed)”. Diyarbakır (Amed) is the Kurdish majority metropolis in southeastern Turkey that is the centre of Kurdish politics in Turkey and all of […]Read More

Kurdish National Conflicts in the Reality of Multilateralism

by Nilüfer Koç Since the beginning of 2020, the Kurdish people have been concerned by the threat of intra-Kurdish conflict. This began in spring with the deployment of military forces affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) to Zini Werte and continued with the deployment of KDP forces to other regions of South Kurdistan where […]Read More

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