WORLD Medya News 0 2023-03-18
Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) is making preparations to expose donors who promised to make huge contributions to earthquake relief efforts, Hürriyet newspaper reported on Saturday. A total amount of more than TL 155 billion ($8 billion) was promised during a donation campaign broadcasted live by eight television channels two weeks after the 6 February twin earthquakes that rocked the country’s south. The Turkish authorities announced this week that only some TL 74 billion ($3.9 billion) of promised donations has been wired by donors so far, creating an outrage in the country. Many individual donors including public servants, workers and even children joined the race for helping the earthquake victims during the campaign. However, a significant share of the donations was made by the state institutions, including the country’s central bank, which raised criticisms at the time. Many business people, including those who are known to be closely affiliated with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) called in and promised hefty donations to celebrities who were taking part in the campaign. However, despite using the campaign to boost their profile on live TV, many of these donors later failed in keeping their promises. The AFAD got in touch with those who failed to realise their donations and heard excuses such as “I have urgent payments to make”, “I am waiting for some money transfer”, or “I will wire it as soon as you pay for my expropriated land”, Hürriyet said.
“Donations-aid is voluntary, not obligatory. Bu there is an ethical and moral problem in relation to those who promised and failed to keep those promises,” AFAD officials told the newspaper.
The AFAD officials also told Hürriyet that they have been preparing a list to expose those who failed to keep their donation promises.