Women co-op workers enjoy being their own boss

In the Ovacık Cooperative in the municipality of Dersim, women play the biggest role. They produce various foods, including cheese, yoghurt, grape molasses, and jam. Then they package and tag them. ‘It is really nice to work here’ Songül Gök, who has worked in the cooperative for three years doing packaging, says, “Women produce legumes […]Read More

Mali coup – from one uncertainty to another

Tuesday’s coup in Mali has been widely condemned by international governments and organisations, who are naturally concerned about take-overs of power – except when they have sponsored them. The coup leaders have claimed –as coup leaders generally do – that their only interest is the well-being of the country, and their aim is simply to […]Read More

The Practical projects for Building the Autonomous Administration

Savan Abdalrahman – South Kurdistan On Monday Which marks the 10th of August, Xazalnus publishing house and bookstore in south Kurdistan published a book that holds 11 years of Political, financial and social Documents and efforts that political figures in Rojava declared and announced for so long in order to achieve an autonomous Administration.Read More

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